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Student ID Card

  • Valid dates and other information on the card can be renewed using a kiosk-type printer. Before rewritable ID card* was introduced, the person in charge had to apply a new seal to the card at the time of renewal. If new cards are issued whenever student ID Cards are renewed, the university has to issue many cards. A rewritable card, however, cuts the cost of labor and materials.
Front Side(rewritable)
Student Card

Rewritable Information

- Expire Date

- Field       etc.

Advantages for students

  • - No risk of loss of the renewal seal.
  • - Saves time because there is no waiting at the renewal office.

Advantages for university

  • - Labor costs are cut since renewal seals are no longer necessary, and students can renew their student ID card themselves using kiosk-type printers.
  • - Rewritable cards are difficult to forge and can help prevent fraud.
  • - Congestion at the renewal office is reduced if kiosk-type printers are installed.

If the school management system is connected to the university bursar, students can renew their cards using a kiosk-type printer immediately after payment, which is convenient for both the student and the university.



*Rewritable cards are created using "ThermoRewrite," which is Mitsubishi Paper Mills' thermal rewritable material. If you are a card manufacturer, please click the link at left and go to the ThermoRewrite website.

*Rewritable card: Another name is ThermoRewrite card or TRW card.