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Hospital/Clinic Card

  • A rewritable hospital card* is currently being used in many dental clinics, beauty clinics, and other hospitals/clinics because future appointments can be printed clearly in large letters on the card's surface. Upcoming appointment dates and times and previous visits, for example, can be rewritten. As another example, beauty clinics use the rewritable card to indicate the balance of a prepaid card. On the backside of the card, information about clinic hours, special notices, hospital contact information, and so on can be pre-printed.
Front Side(rewritable)
Clinic Card

Rewritable Information

- Reservation Date

- Prepaid Balance       etc.

Back Side(not rewritable)
Clinic Card




Advantages for patients

  • - The next appointment date is readily available.
  • - It is reassuring to know the balance of a prepaid card before the visit.

Advantages for hospitals and clinics

  • - The workload of clinic staff is reduced as a result of fewer patient appointment confirmations.
  • - The rewritable card contributes to stable clinic management because of the following reasons. One is clinic can count the number of patients in advance and another one is patients can know in advance their next appointment, which is displayed on the card.

Other health care cards

  • Patients with a specified medical condition will find this card especially useful. The patient's medical treatment record-for example, dialysis and prescriptions-is displayed on the card.

    If the patient visits another hospital during an emergency, he or she can receive proper treatment because the doctor has access to pertinent information contained in the card. The patient's last treatment date, medication record, blood pressure, and doctors' comments are examples of information that can be rewritten.
Front Side(rewritable)
Hospital Card

Other healthcare cards

- Reservation Date

- Treatment Record       etc.

Advantages for patients

  • Since the latest medical treatment record is printed on the card, the patient can rest easy knowing that he or she will be taken care of if anything unexpected should happen. The patient, for example, can enjoy peace of mind during travel or vacation.

Advantages for hospitals/clinics

  • With no information about a patient' s medical condition, a doctor can misdiagnose a patient. Since the patient's detailed information is printed on the rewritable card, however, the doctor can provide a proper diagnosis and administer the appropriate treatment to his or her patient.



*Rewritable cards are created using "ThermoRewrite," which is Mitsubishi Paper Mills' thermal rewritable material. If you are a card manufacturer, please click the link at left and go to the ThermoRewrite website.

*Rewritable card: Another name is ThermoRewrite card or TRW card.