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Basic requirements:

  • 1. Rewritable card*
    2. Rewritable printer
    3. Software

The rewritable card solution requires the following three components: a rewritable card, a rewritable printer, and software.

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Rewritable cards provide businesses with unique, smart solutions. For more details, please contact us today!

Card types

  • Thin card:
    A thin card (220-280μm) is wallet-friendly. The magnetic recording layer on the backside is useful for recording data.
  • Thick card:
    A thick card is perfect for those who prefer premium features. This card can be combined with the wireless IC or magnetic strip.

Card design

  • Customize your card with a unique design and tailored content, which can be pre-printed in full color on the front and back. Your company's logo and design present a recognizable image that will elicit a positive response in your customers.



*Rewritable cards are created using "ThermoRewrite," which is Mitsubishi Paper Mills' thermal rewritable material. If you are a card manufacturer, please click the link at left and go to the ThermoRewrite website.

*Rewritable card: Another name is ThermoRewrite card or TRW card.