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Employee ID Card (including temporary employees) and Other ID Card

Recently, owing to heightened security measures worldwide, employee ID cards with an RFID (wireless IC) system have become common, identifying employees when they enter or exit the office. However, some ID cards require updated information that is visible, such as a photo, valid dates, and permission areas that are printed on the card's surface. Since the rewritable employee ID card* is reusable, and since visible information can be updated easily, such a card reduces costs (both labor and materials), especially for businesses with seasonal employees or temporary staff who require a temporary ID card.

Front Side(rewritable)
Employee Card

Rewritable Information

- Expire Date

- Position       etc.

Front Side(rewritable)
Employee Card

Rewritable Information

- Visitor Name

- Valid Date       etc.


  • - ID card for temporary employees
  • - ID card for short-term, contract employees
  • - Visitor badge (e.g., school, hospital, institution, or company)
  • - Access control card in high security areas


  • - The card prevents unauthorized access and ultimately prevents crimes such as fraud, especially for companies with high traffic, since the photo, department name, valid date, access area, and so forth are clearly shown on the card itself.
  • - Since rewritable ID cards can be used many times, they cut costs.



*Rewritable cards are created using "ThermoRewrite," which is Mitsubishi Paper Mills' thermal rewritable material. If you are a card manufacturer, please click the link at left and go to the ThermoRewrite website.

*Rewritable card: Another name ThermoRewrite card or TRW card.