Choose Smart Business Solutions with Rewritable Cards!

  • Since the rewritable card* can print and erase information displayed on the card's surface many times, the card always shows the latest, most up-to-date information that an ordinary card cannot provide. As a result, the rewritable card continues to expand in its applications.
Rewritable Card
Rewritable Cards

Types of information that can be rewritten

  • - Validity period
  • - Appointment date and time
  • - Cardholder information
  • - Advertisements


  • - Easy-to-recognize information
  • - Easily to renew and update information
  • - Reduces waste

Links to Applications


Library Card

Rewritable Information

- Date of Return

- Book Title   etc.

Hospital cards
Hospital Clinic Card

Rewritable Information

- Reservation Date

- Prepaid Balance   etc.

Student ID Cards
Student ID Card

Rewritable Information

- Expire Date

- Field   etc.


Employee Cards
Accass Control Cards
Loyalty Cards
Employee Card

Rewritable Information

- Expire Date

- Position   etc.

access control card

Rewritable Information

- Valid Date

- Place   etc.

Loyalty Card

Rewritable Information

- Point

- Advertisement  etc.



*Rewritable cards are created using "ThermoRewrite," which is Mitsubishi Paper Mills' thermal rewritable material. If you are a card manufacturer, please click the link at left and go to the ThermoRewrite website.

*Rewritable card: Another name is ThermoRewrite card or TRW card.