TRF Series

Product Info

The TRF series is a film-type product. The ThermoRewrite layer is coated on one side of a PET film, and glue is coated on the reverse side. This product is used mainly for plastic cards, which are usually manufactured by a lamination process. Roll, Sheet, Tape, and Label formats are available. The TRF series is compatible with various printers as it can be erased by various methods-e.g., thermal head, erasing bar, and erasing roll.

TRF layers
TRF roll and sheett

Roll Sheet

   TRF tape


TRF label


[ Line-up ]

Product name Base film Caliper of base film  Descriptions
Blue image  Black image 
TRF33TA TRF33TAb2  Transparent PET**  
(standard film)
23µm Roll
TRGF33TA  TRGF33TAb2 Roll, hot melt adhesive*
TRGS33TA  TRGS33TAb2 Sheet, hot melt adhesive*
TRGT33TA  TRGT33TAb2 Tape, hot melt adhesive* 
TRGL60TA   TRGL60TAb2 50µm  Label (Sticker) 
TRF33T2A TRF33T2Ab2  Transparent
(special film)
25µm Roll
TRGF33T2A TRGF33T2Ab2  Roll, hot melt adhesive*
TRGS33T2A TRGS33T2Ab2  Sheet, hot melt adhesive*
TRGT33T2A TRGT33T2Ab2  Tape, hot melt adhesive* 
 TRF135WA TRF135WAb2  White PET   125µm   Roll 
TRFS135WA  TRFS135WAb2  Sheet 
 TRFPS135WA TRFPS135WAb2  Sheet with counter PET 
 - TRFS135WEb  White PET  125µm  Sheet, high speed type 

*Hot melt adhesive is activated at 110-130 Celsius.
**Two kinds of base film are available. Please choose the suitable one for your manufacturing process.

[ Size information ]

Form Descriptions
Roll "T'' base Width: 56mm - 1000mm, Length: Please contact us.
 "T2'' base Width: 56mm - 640mm, Length: Please contact us. 
Sheet Customized size is available.
Tape Width: 10mm - 55mm
Length: 500m 
Label 50mm×80mm only 

*Specialized size may be acceptable on your request. Please contact us.

*We supply our rewritable materials globally. For any support or inquiries, please contact us.