TRCG Series

Product Info

The TRCG series is a sheet-type product for magnetic PET cards. The ThermoRewrite layer is located on one side, while the magnetic recording layer is located on the other side. This type of product is mainly used for membership and loyalty cards. A PET film 188 or 250µm thick is used as the base film. Content and design can be printed on the rewritable printing side with heat-resistant UV inks. The cover layer of the magnetic recording side is available in two colors: silver and white. If you choose white, you can print a colorful design on both sides. All products are cut in sheet format and available from a 100-sheet unit and upwards.

TRCG sheet
TRCG layers

[ Line-up ]

Product name Image color Cover layer Caliper of base film Caliper of product Erasing device
TRCG99SS Blue Silver 188µm 220µm Thermal head
TRCG99SH White
TRCG99BS Black Silver
TRCGAACS Blue Silver 250µm 280µm Erasing head
TRCGB3BS Black Silver

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