ThermoRewrite High-speed Type

In the manufacturing or logistics industry, media needs to be printed speedily. In order to meet this requirement, ThermoRewrite high-speed type was developed. Its printing sensitivity and speed characteristics are much closer to those of general thermal paper.
ThermoRewrite high-speed type is effective in fields that require high-speed/bulk ticketing.

ThermoRewriteHigh speed type

High-speed printing

The printing sensitivity of ThermoRewrite high-speed type is more than twice that of the conventional product and much closer to that of general thermal paper. Therefore, it can be printed at 8 in/sec using the thermal head of a normal thermal printer.

ThermoRewrite high-speed type properties

Erasing methods

ThermoRewrite high-speed type can be erased by various methods, such as hot air, hot water, and a heat roll. A large volume in bulk can be erased at a time after used ThermoRewrite is collected.

Substitution for thermal paper

By substituting general thermal paper with ThermoRewrite high-speed type, paper consumption can be reduced.

ThermoRewrite high-speed type advantage

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